"Its like Belize has come to Beccles" - Alan Titchmarsh

Henstead Exotic Garden

Suffolks Secret Jungle

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Henstead Exotic Garden

Unlike many gardens that were made years ago say by the Victorians, this garden was made from scratch some 10 years ago.

Most visitors to the garden find this hard to believe as the garden is quite voluptuous and the plants huge! A little like Land Of The Giants, even for me at 6 feet six!!!

Path with palm trees either side
Large plam trees around a water feature

The garden is some two acres in size fully landscaped(see plan) exotic garden. I was lucky to get to know Douglas Farmiloe who owned Henstead Hall.

Visiting his garden is like going to the Jungle

Alan Titchmarsh

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Gift vouchers for Henstead Extoic Garden
  • Andrew Brogan

    Andrew Brogan

  • Jan 1st, 2020

Gift Vouchers For New Year 2020

Last minute Christmas gift idea! Just had our first ever gift vouchers printed. A lovely gift for Christmas or New year gift. Or birthdays in the new year. Just get in touch 07715 876606

Cactus at Nursery
  • Andrew Brogan

    Andrew Brogan

  • Jan 1st, 2020

New Year Gifts From The Nursery

Things looking OK here despite winter appearing! Get in touch if need Christmas present, for example one of our UK grown hardy palms. Will have gift vouchers early next week also.


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